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BalanceAnalyser (English)

Artikelnummer: 0051-01

BalanceAnalyser is the fast and easy way to get a grip on company development in all its major key ratios.

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You find it difficult to "read" your balance sheet ?
It's not that easy to come to grips with key ratios?
and just maybe one should be able to explain the ratios, too?

Don't rely on other people to do it for you - Try out this modelling tool and find out for yourself!

BalanceAnalyser takes your last six balance sheets and income statements and turns them into easily understandable graphs and charts.
You also get all the major key ratios for balance sheet analysis applied to your company's forward data with trend projections and some neat graphs for presentations.
You also get a ranking of the company according to your key ratios - to give you some idea where you stand between investors' heaven and hell.
BalanceAnalyser is not a bad way to prepare for company presentations and talks with bank managers and other investors.


System requirements of MagicWorkbooks:
Platform: Windows 98 or later operating system
Microsoft Excel Version: 2003 or later

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